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Time To Chill!

Jun 21, 2010
Hey everyone, SifakaWorld is throwing another party this Thursday! Since it's been so hot lately we thought it would be fun to throw a "cool" party!

Log into JUNGLE GYM because the party is only there this Thursday. Head on over to the North Pole to join in on the festivities.

The party is Thursday, June 24th, at 10am SIFAKA time (Sifaka clock is in the tree tops) and goes until 11am SIFAKA time. There will be a best dressed fashion Show hosted by JohnnyFox, so wear your favorite SifakaWorld clothing items! Winners will receive Sifaka Cash.

Marking Scat

Jun 18, 2010
When we have to pick-up cheetah scat, or poop, to collect information about our cheetahs, we often need to know which scat came from which cheetah. But how can you tell? One method that we use is to use “markers” on the different cheetahs. A marker is simply some type of thing that you put into an individual cheetah’s food, and each cheetah gets a different marker. Then, on the next day, you will find that marker in the scat and you will know which cheetah’s scat you are collecting. Some of the markers we use include raw kidney beans, rice, peas, and corn. The important thing to remember is just that you have to keep track of the different markers you are feeding to each cheetah. Otherwise, it won’t work!

Scat Collecting

Jun 11, 2010
The Cheetah Conservation Fund collects information about cheetahs in many ways. Did you know that one of the best ways to collect information about a cheetah is by collecting its poop?! Cheetah poop, called “scat,” can be used to discover information about individual cheetahs, cheetah populations, what cheetahs eat, cheetah hormone and stress levels, and much more. Every day at the Cheetah Conservation Fund, we have our staff go for a walk to the places where we know that wild cheetahs come at night. Any scat that is found is collected. Some of the scat goes to the genetics laboratory, and some of it goes to our clinic. All of the information we collect from the scat helps us to know more about cheetahs. The more that we know, the better CCF can do to help conserve these amazing cats!

What am I?

Jun 4, 2010
Are you ready to earn some more Sifaka Cash?

That's right, it's time for another SifakaWorld Challenge! Below are five pictures of animals found throughout the world. All you need to do is identify all 5 animals and you can win Sifaka Cash to buy all sorts of fun things in SifakaWorld.

To win, send the names of all five animals to win@sifakaproductions.com. Please don't try to post answers to the comments section here, because they won't get published. The first 10 people to send in the correct answers will win 1500 in Sifaka Cash.

Good luck, and have FUN!!!