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Cheetah Cubs Update

Dec 24, 2009
Hello Sifaka World,

As many of you may know, CCF has had the recent addition of four orphaned cheetahs: Polly, Tony, Mischief, and Phil. Thanks to Sifaka Members just like you, these cubs were able to be rescued and are growing up to be some very amazing cheetahs!

Right now, these four youngsters are getting very big, and are keeping us very busy! To keep up with how large they’re growing, we have just made their yard a lot bigger. It has been very interesting to spy on these cubs as they explore all the new parts of their world. We recently put a big dead tree in their yard, and they enjoy climbing all over it. Trees like this one are very important to cheetahs. In the wild, cheetahs would use this kind of tree to “talk” to other cheetahs by leaving behind their individual scents and smells. The four cubs are particularly fond of a big mound in the center of their new yard, as it allows them to watch things going on all around them. They also like a shady patch of grass in one corner, and they often sleep the heat of the day away by all pilling on top of each other in one big pile.

It is always funny to watch these four cubs, as they all have such different personalities.


Tony has always been a very big and bold boy. He is extremely outgoing and curious, and so he is very happy when he gets to explore his new yard. When we bring people in to see the cubs, Tony is always the first cub to come say hello. He has a very broad forehead and large eyes that make him look very friendly. He also has very good posture, which makes him look as if he were royalty when he sits on the hill and looks all around. When we play with Tony, he often likes to brush up against the person who is playing with him. He might even like getting stroked more than he likes chasing his toy!


Mischief is nothing but trouble! He is definitely living up to his name, and you can tell just by looking at his facial expressions that he is up to no good. We are always trying to outsmart Mischief, because he is constantly being naughty. He might be the smallest of the three brothers, but Mischief is determined to prove just how strong and mighty he is to his brothers.


Polly is a beautiful little girl (on the right) who is still very nervous about people. It seems like she is always wondering who you are and what you want, no matter how many times you feed her or try to play with her. Polly is happy to watch her brothers play with their toys, but will usually stick to herself and lie in the shade of a nice acacia tree.

Phil (on the left) is a tall, dark, and handsome cheetah. He looks most similar to his sister, but has a very distinctive black speckle in his right eye. Phil is also Polly’s favorite brother, and the two often cuddle together while they sleep away the hot afternoon. Phil is rather cautious around strangers, but is also very curious. He will come and say hello to you, but only if his other brothers are with him. When it comes to playing with the toy, Phil is an absolute star! It is amazing to watch Phil sprint around the yard after his toy – zigging this way and zagging that way in the most graceful way. One thing is for sure, and that is that Phil is a true sprinter!


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