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Pesky Baboons!

Jan 17, 2010
There has been a baboon troop in the area lately, and they’re being a bit pesky. We had to put special chemicals in our drinking water not long ago because baboons had pulled off the top of one of our water tanks. This has made our drinking water taste kind of like pool water because it has chlorine in it!

Just yesterday, there was a large baboon playing with our volleyball net. I even had to chase a baboon out of Matti’s garden because it was eating all of his new plants!

Also, a few weeks ago, there was a great deal of commotion coming from outside. I ran out to find a large male baboon inside of Quasar, Phonix, and Soraya’s enclosure! I started yelling and running around trying to grab the three young cheetahs so that they wouldn’t go near the baboon and get hurt, but luckily my yelling scared the baboon and he climbed over the fence and out of the yard. All of the cheetahs were just fine, but baboons can certainly hurt a cheetah if they got into a fight. During the whole episode, I have to admit that my heart was beating super fast!


  1. mommyto4 said...

    wow those are pesky baboons!!hopefully they had leard there lesson.and if they didnt stay away from the baboons all of you cheetahs.(lol)

    February 6, 2010 at 9:45 PM  

  2. boo said...

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    February 26, 2010 at 5:32 PM  

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