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Cheetah Release

Mar 20, 2010

I would like to thank all Sifaka members for helping us with another huge success!
Recently, CCF picked up three cheetahs that were causing problems on a livestock farm nearby. It turned out to be an older female with two cubs that were each about one year old and nearly full-grown. The cubs were in very good health, but their mother had a broken toe and a broken canine tooth. This would have made it very difficult for her to hunt wildlife on her own out in the wild. Visiting veterinarian, Dr. Minty Soni, was assisted by a team of CCF staff to operate on her broken toe. They then took her to the dentist to fix her broken tooth. Can you imagine a cheetah going to the dentist?!

Once she was in very good health again, CCF took the mother cheetah and her cubs to some open land to be released. Once we opened the box they were in, all three ran out of the box and off into the tall grass. It was a very amazing experience to help these three cheetahs have a second chance. We couldn’t have done it without the great support of Sifaka Members like you!


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